Understanding the meter box

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The material used for making the low voltage cable branch box is a resin matrix composite material. The main components of the box are ABS engineering plastics, polycarbonate transparent PC materials, DMC, SMC four materials injection molding, pressing.

There is a distribution board in the plastic meter box. Its function is to distribute power for the next distribution point or each electrical point, that is, to distribute the electric energy according to the requirements in each electrical line.

The overall design features of the plastic meter box are as follows:

1. Ventilation box is used to ventilate the electric meter box to prevent excessive distilled water from being generated.
In the cabinet door, the lower end of the back plate and the upper end, the roof, the cabinet door and the back plate between the ventilation components, with the help of the heat generated by electrical components, can do dehumidification of the space in the cabinet, can prevent the corrosion of metal parts in the cabinet, can also prevent leakage of current.
2. Isolation of soil moisture.
Cable branch box with base fills fine sand into the base and buries the base at a certain depth below the ground, so that the moisture rising in the soil can not enter the box.
3. The combined design makes the installation simpler and more convenient.
The combined design not only makes the installation more simple and convenient, but also makes it easy to replace the parts of the electric meter box and simplify the storage of spare parts.

The characteristics of the plastic meter box are:

(1) Thoroughly solve personal casualty accidents caused by poor grounding of box body and overlapping of foreign objects.
(2) The utility model has the advantages of low comprehensive use cost and can be used for more than 20 years for one-time investment (eliminating the replacement of working hours and cumulative cost of metal box);
(3) The unique design of the box can effectively resist the impact of external forces.
(4) The cost of material recovery is relatively high, which prevents the theft of the body.
(5) Splicing mode can reduce the maintenance cost of the box (only replace damaged parts).
(6) There is no asphyxiating gas at high temperature.

Matters needing attention in installation and use of electric meter box

1. When installing, we should choose a cool and dry place as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight exposure for a long time, so as to prolong the service life of ammeter box, watt-hour meter and electrical components.
2. Please carefully check the components of the meter box when installing.
3. Installation location should be selected without severe vibration, impact is not enough to damage electrical components.
4. The meter box should be installed vertically, and the inclination angle should not exceed 5 degrees.
5. In the use of the process, maintenance and cleaning of the meter box should be maintained.
6. In the course of using, avoid sharp objects and hard objects collision and scratch the surface of the meter box.
7. Because the materials used in the ammeter box are not resistant to strong alkali, oxidizing acids, amines and ketones, and are soluble in hydrogenated radius and aromatic solvents, contact with these chemicals should be avoided.