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Site layout and installation instructions for electric meter box

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The electric meter box is usually mounted on a mounting plate, the installation board is called kilowatt hour meter, or the meter board. When the meters are installed side by side, the center distance should not be less than 200mm. The meter box should be installed near the incoming line. The installation height is: the upper edge of the meter box is not more than 2.2M, and the lower edge is not less than 1.1m. First, 4 pieces of wood are embedded on the wall of the installation site, and then the surface board is fixed on the embedded parts. When the line enters the door, it enters the junction box, which is made of wood or steel and fixed on the wall above the board. Fuse and wiring terminal are installed in the box, fuse is connected to the fire line, and the connection terminal is connected to the zero line. The lid of the box should be locked and sealed.

Some of them use the method of direct access to the plastic meter box, without a junction box, in order to put the meter under the protection of the fuse, it is necessary to install a fuse in the meter wire. A small three-phase user electric meter box is similar to a single-phase ammeter box, but the junction box is larger, three fire wires are to be secured, and a three-knife switch is to be used. The nameplate current of switch and fuse must be greater than the maximum load current. In order to facilitate the management and protection of the meter, the meter and the junction box on the meter board can be encapsulated in an iron meter box. For three-phase users and single-phase users with frequent switching operation, switches and fuses can not be installed on the ammeter box, but to use another switch board or control box, switches, contactors, fuses and so on can be set up on the switch board.

The structure of transparent meter box is as follows:
1. The transparent plastic meter box adopts the integrated design concept, the overall shape is beautiful, the appearance is smooth and bright, the proportion is symmetrical, the structure is reasonable, has obvious power supply management and user operation separation area, the instrument room and the switch room set up the firewall, improves the fireproof and preventive performance.
2. The connection between the upper cover and the chassis adopts slider to fasten the groove of the base, and is equipped with special screw, lead seal (plastic) and padlock at the lower part. Only with the help of special key can the power management personnel open, and truly achieve the function of prevention. The sealing performance between the upper cover and the bottom shell is good, which can prevent rain and dust from entering.
3. The chassis is made of PC70%+ABS 30% mixed alloy material, and the top cover is made of imported transparent polycarbonate (PC). Electricity administrators can see the abnormal situation in the box directly and conveniently.
4. The inlet and outlet holes of the plastic meter box are designed with a "multi-blind hole" scheme, which is convenient for users to install the inlet and outlet lines according to their needs. All the inlet and outlet holes are equipped with special rubber bands which are waterproof, dust-proof and small animals-proof.
5. The cabinet has high insulation strength, and no arcing, breakdown and flashover phenomena occur under the condition of 50 Hz power frequency and 2000V one minute.

Product characteristics of the meter box:
1. Electric meter box series products are flameproof, separated from the main cavity and wiring cavity, using high-quality SS304 stainless steel plate bending welding forming, with beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-static and impact resistance and other excellent performance. Built in circuit breakers and signal components.
2. Special control mechanism is installed on the cover plate to realize full closed operation. Products can operate normally under adverse conditions.
3. All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel fasteners with strong corrosion resistance.
4. Steel pipe or cable wiring.
5. Can be customized according to user requirements.