Common sense of electric meter box

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Electric meter box is a kind of power distribution unit that can be directly fixed on the wall or installed on the wire pole, can install any specification of electronic meter, mechanical meter, leakage protector, junction box, leakage switch DZ47 or RCL fuse and isolating switch, the knife-gate meter and the switch are separated separately, the user can control the switch, the line is not bare, and has the function of preventing electricity theft.

The electric meter box consists of single-phase meter box and three-phase meter box. It is suitable for AC 50HZ or 60HZ. The rated working voltage is 200V and 380V.

Installation and use of the meter box: please carefully check the integrity of the components of the plastic meter box when installing. The meter box should be installed vertically and the inclination angle should not exceed 5 degrees.

The installation location of the meter box should be selected without severe vibration, impact and inadequate corrosion of electrical components. Because the materials used in the locks are not resistant to strong alkali, oxidizing acids, amines, ketones, oxidizing diameters and aromatic deep agents, contact with these chemicals should be avoided or used together.

In the course of use, sharp objects and hard objects should be avoided to scratch the surface of the electric meter box. When installing the ammeter box, shady and dry places should be chosen as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight exposure for a long time, so as to prolong the service life of the ammeter.

The meter box adopts the integrated design concept, which integrates all types of watt-hour meters and circuits into an integrated enclosed box. It not only occupies less space, is easy to install and manage, but also can prevent the electricity thieves from touching the measuring device and preventing electricity theft. The meter box has beautiful shape, symmetrical proportion and smooth lines. It can be conveniently and firmly installed on the concrete wall through the reserved bolt holes on the back. The components in the box are compact and reasonable, and the circuit is clear and smooth. The lid of the box is interlocked with the box body through hooks, special screws and padlocks, and can only be opened by using special screw wrenches and keys. With its unique design, novel technology and advanced performance, this ammeter box has been favored by more and more state grid power supply enterprises.

The current situation of the use of the ammeter box: the materials used in the ammeter box are mostly bakelite, plastic, iron shell, stainless steel. Bakelite is gradually replaced by iron shell and stainless steel because of its brittleness, easy aging, easy fracture and other defects. Now the iron shell and stainless steel watchbox account for more than 50% of the total. Compared with the electric glue wood, the metal material used in the watchbox is less and less used because of its poor insulation, easy to rust and waterproof sealing ability. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) watt-hour meter boxes are recognized by the State Grid for their excellent product performance, and become substitutes for iron, bakelite, stainless steel and plastic meter box.

The transparent plastic meter box adopts the integrated design concept, the overall shape is beautiful, the appearance is smooth and bright, the proportion is symmetrical, the structure is reasonable, there is obvious power supply management and user operation of the separation area, the instrument room and switch room set up firewall, improve the performance of fire prevention, anti-theft.