Difference between voltage protectors and leakage circuit breakers

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When you decorate your home, have you only noticed the wiring, switch, buried pipe, slotting and other processes? Have you ever noticed the distribution box? Of course, they are equipped with the equipment when you take the house, but what are the uses of these equipment? Do you need to increase or replace it?

Leakage circuit breaker
Leakage circuit breaker refers to the circuit leakage current exceeds the predetermined value when the automatic operation of the switch, also known as leakage protector, referred to as leakage switch. The commonly used leakage circuit breakers are divided into voltage type and current type, and the current type can be divided into electromagnetic type and electronic type. The leakage circuit breaker is used to prevent personal electric shock. It should be selected according to the different requirements of direct contact and indirect contact.

Voltage protectors
Overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices are mainly used for power grid voltage sudden change, overvoltage, over-voltage, under-voltage can be intelligent automatic and rapid power supply disconnection device.

The difference between air switch, leakage circuit breaker, voltage protection devices

1. The function of leakage protector: Solve the problem of leakage of electricity, such as electric shock, electric current flowing through the human body to the ground, generally more than 30 mA, leakage protector will cut off the power supply, thereby avoiding the harm of electric current to human body.

2. The function of the air switch: when the current of the switch exceeds a certain current, it will cause the switch to release and cut off the power supply because of heating to the metal sheet to be heated and bent. The protection circuit will not be burned out because of the excessive current, but only play the role of the protection circuit.

3. The main function of overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices is to monitor, control and protect voltage comprehensively.

To sum up, the leakage protector and air switch only control the current, neglecting the control of voltage, adding overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices on the basis of the leakage protector and air switch, realizing the protection of current and voltage, so as to avoid the abnormal rise of current and voltage caused to life and property. Hurt.

Whether they are self-restoring, delay, automatic, zero-breaking, reclosing, with display, voltage protection devices, or electrical protectors, they are voltage protectors, relying on the control of voltage to achieve protection, are also called protectors.

For example, voltage protection devices that can set and modify data arbitrarily needs to be displayed with the help of the display, which is convenient for setting and modifying the data, and the action is executed according to the set data; if the display can only refer to the voltage and the action can not be executed according to this, then the display with the protection has nothing to do with it, so don't be misled by the name, and it is the key that can achieve the protection function.

Normally, the power grid voltage can be used as a protector, which does not mean that it can play a protective role in the case of sudden change of power grid voltage.

In general, it is to buy a name called protective device, and then install it, if 3, 5 days, a year and a half load voltage is normal, it will be normal, when the high voltage comes, when the trouble will come, in fact, when the normal voltage protective device does not work, but also does not need protection, the key is to mutate high voltage. Whether it can protect you or not, whether the protector itself can withstand, do not think that as long as the installation of a protector on everything.