Plastic meter box used in daily life

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At present, the use of plastic meter box is actually a lot of households use this way, perhaps not often in life to pay attention to the situation, so sometimes it is still a little strange, now about the use of electric meter box is mainly combined with the actual use of two parts, respectively appropriate The management of different currents and voltages, and first of all, the whole is better than the original ammeter box.

When using plastic meter box in daily life, the single-phase electric energy and power electric energy provided are different, and the use conditions are also different. Generally, when using it, it is the best to use it in -40~+80℃ environment. Normal operating temperature is no problem below 35℃ on average, but to a certain extent. Air cleanliness in the environment, the humidity requirements are still very loose, the general environment can meet the requirements of the use of ammeter box.

Summary of meter box

To put it simply, the electric meter box used is actually a kind of high capacity protective plastic meter box. Production technology is very strict, and the process is very complex, the use of materials are generally some imported materials, and has a certain insulation performance, the overall transparency is very high, in some very strong ultraviolet weather can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, and resistant to ultraviolet radiation Aging, the general service life is more than 40 years, whether it is high temperature weather or acid rain weather will not affect the use of the meter box, for the low temperature environment is also adaptable, even in northern China is also the use of this type of meter box. Unlike the previous strength of some ammeter box is different, the current ammeter box is impact-resistant, rain and dust-proof and heat dissipation functions, users in use is very convenient, whether it is separate control or installation management is very convenient.

In fact, the appearance and shape of the plastic meter box is very beautiful, the overall design line is very smooth, the layout and design of some electrical components inside the ammeter box is very reasonable, looks very beautiful, and the use of three-phase hooks to connect, after installation is very strong.

Many people think that the use of electric meter box is not as strong or as long as the previous wooden and steel ammeter boxes, in fact, it is not, on the contrary, the use of some other metal material ammeter boxes is not such a long time, but there are many very superior performance.

Whether indoor or outdoor, the plastic meter box will generally be affected by environmental factors, and most of the ammeter box will generally be in the outdoor, although in the outdoor environment, or there will be relatively good protection measures, but still unavoidable from external factors, so for the choice of materials of the ammeter box production, I We also need to know that the materials used in it still need good corrosion resistance. Especially in the outdoor, because of the long-term corrosion of rain and acid gas, and affect the normal use of the ammeter box, so for the manufacture of the material of the ammeter box, also need good corrosion resistance.