The innovation of two-dimensional bar code management, push the rapid development of electrical.

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2016-09-18Views : 1028

Recently, the technology used in the TAIXI electrical products automatic identification of a new image, it records all the information product is born, only need to scan, from parts to assembly to finished products to all the user's data can all be revealed, it is the two-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code has put into use in early 2012 .

Two dimensional bar code management, electrical information technology innovation is Stacy, a bold attempt to Stacy electrical innovation management. Its application, a powerful engine for West Electrical installed on the innovation and development, the convenience store scan information, accuracy and completeness of the TAIXI electric products throughout the production process is very convenient to your sales.

By scanning the two-dimensional code, the client can understand Western Electrical each kind of product price, quality, and material, to ensure that every product we sell are reasonable price, excellent material, quality assurance.

Moreover, foreign trade, including a can of TAIXI electric customized, two-dimensional bar code, all the information of language change, the price of the currency conversion, material change and so on saying, Stacy electrical strive to do with two-dimensional bar code management of the one and only, to promote the rapid development of science and technology for intelligent electrical Stacy.