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The function of AC contactor

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AC contactor is used to control the circuit, mainly breaking circuit and remote control circuit.
Household Contactor mainly uses auxiliary contacts to achieve control instructions and achieve the purpose of remote control circuit.
The main contacts of AC contactors are usually open contacts, the main function is to break the circuit, the main material is generally made of brass or copper, silver is generally silver cadmium alloy, Household Contactor 's main contact quality or its breaking ability is directly related to his main material and silver level, but also to distinguish between AC contacts. An important index of contact devices.
The auxiliary contacts of Household Contactor are usually equipped with normally open and normally closed contacts. The contacts can be selected as one normally open and one normally closed, or two normally open and two normally closed, and the auxiliary contacts can be selected as the products of professional manufacturer or famous brand, so the quality is guaranteed.
The power of AC contactor comes from electromagnetic system, which is composed of coil and iron core. The material and turns of coil directly affect the power of iron core, and the quality of iron core directly affects the action of AC contactor.

Working principle of low voltage AC contactor

Functions of low-voltage contactors: low-voltage Din Rail Mounted Contactor are generally used to turn off the current or to achieve remote control circuits, if used in conjunction with thermal relays, can form a magnetic starter for various frequent start-up occasions.
Structure of Din Rail Mounted Contactor: generally by the breaking system, power system and auxiliary system, the breaking system is mainly composed of dynamic and static contacts, mainly for the purpose of disconnecting or switching on the current, the quality of dynamic and static contacts directly affect its breaking capacity; power system is mainly composed of coil and iron core, mainly to provide power Contact breaking power; coil quality affects the size of power supply, iron core quality affects stability, power uniformity; auxiliary system is composed of springs, connectors, and other small components, play an auxiliary role.
The contacts of the Din Rail Mounted Contactor are made of silver tungsten alloy with good electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance.
Working Principle: The power of low voltage contactor comes from the magnetic force produced by alternating current through the coil with iron core. The magnetic force is supplied to the dynamic and static contact power to make the moving contact reach the purpose of breaking the circuit. Usually the magnetic force is stabilized, and the short circuit ring is added to the suction surface of the iron core of the low voltage contactor.
Low-voltage AC contactors can operate at high frequencies. The service life of low-voltage contactors is very long. Mechanical life can usually reach millions or even 10 million times. Electrical life can generally reach about 1 million times.