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Matters needing attention in installation and use of photovoltaic DC miniature circuit breakers

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PV DC mini circuit breaker as the use of photovoltaic distribution, the role of DC mini circuit breaker is also particularly prominent, then how can the use of DC circuit breakers in peacetime in the safe use?

1. When the circuit of DC mini circuit breaker is connected, check whether the wiring is correct. It can be checked by the test button. If the circuit breaker can be correctly broken, indicating that the leakage protector is installed correctly, otherwise, the circuit should be checked and the fault avoided.

2. The dc mcb needs to check the contact when the circuit breaker is short. If the main contact is burned seriously or there is a pit, it needs to be repaired; the four pole leakage circuit breaker must be connected to the zero line to make the electronic circuit work properly.

3. After the leakage circuit breaker is put into operation, every time, the user should check the normal operation of the circuit breaker through the test button; the leakage, overload and short circuit protection characteristics of the circuit breaker are set by the manufacturer and can not be adjusted at will, so as not to affect the performance.

4. The function of the test button is to inspect the running state of the dc mcb when it is installed or operated for a certain period of time. Press the test button, the circuit breaker can be broken, indicating that the operation is normal, can continue to use; if the circuit breaker can not break, the circuit breaker or line has trouble, need to be overhauled;

5. The dc mcb is broken off because of the fault of the protection circuit, then the handle is in the tripping position. After troubleshooting, the operation handle should be lowered down to make the operation mechanism "re buckle" before closing operation.

6. The load connection of the leakage circuit breaker must pass through the load end of the circuit breaker, and no any line or zero line of the load is not allowed to pass through the leakage circuit breaker. Otherwise, the "leakage" will result in the circuit breaker closing, causing "misoperation".