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Structural characteristics of DC mini circuit breaker

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2018-08-06Views : 2094

The over current protection of the DC rectifier circuit generally considers the protection scheme of the fuse or circuit breaker on the AC side. The rated current, rated voltage and breaking capacity of the AC circuit breaker can be selected according to the rectifier circuit, load and working current on the DC side. In addition, the over current protection of the battery group DC power supply. The second is to select the operating voltage of the circuit breaker. The working voltage of the selected circuit breaker can be determined according to the discharge voltage of the battery (also considered as the power supply voltage of the DC circuit). The rated working voltage of the circuit breaker is greater than that of the battery pack.

DC mini circuit breaker with super current limiting performance can accurately protect relay protection, automatic devices from overload, short circuit and other fault hazards. The DC mcb has the advantages of current limiting and arc extinguishing ability. Through a large number of comprehensive scientific experiments, the DC system can realize the full selective protection between the main (sub) screen, protection screen and relay screen in the DC system below 3000Ah.

DC mini circuit breaker adopts special arc extinguishing and current limiting system, which can quickly break the fault current of DC distribution system and greatly improve the stage difference coordination. The DC mini circuit breaker is especially aimed at the accident of the overstep trip between the monitoring screen and the partition screen in the power engineering DC system. The DC mcb has excellent performance and can avoid the above failure. The differential matching characteristics of DC mcb are the best products at home and abroad.