How to choose a voltage protector?

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2018-08-02Views : 1709

The use of voltage protector greatly reduces the harm caused by overvoltage or undervoltage to the circuit and power load. It is equivalent to a small intelligent switching protection device, which is mainly used in circuits with current and voltage less than 63A. It is an important protection device for household housing. The use of Voltage Protection Device is the improvement of people's awareness of electricity safety, and the state has also formulated relevant standards - the electrical design specification for residential buildings. However, many consumers do not know what to pay attention to when choosing the protector. In view of this problem, some suggestions are given.

1. in the choice of products, try to choose the Voltage Protection Device produced by the regular manufacturers, the regular manufacturers produced products, the quality of the first guarantee, and after-sales service is relatively better.

2. when selecting and buying Voltage Protection Device, pay attention to the circuit parameters of the product, such as the rated voltage, current and other parameters of the applicable circuit, so as to ensure that the product is connected to the power supply and can work normally.

3. the over voltage and under voltage protection devices with delay function is chosen as far as possible. The main function of the delay function is that when the power is overvoltage or undervoltage, the protector with delay function will make certain timing. If the voltage is still under or under pressure after the time of time, the circuit breaker is executed, this way is good to prevent the instantaneous overvoltage or undervoltage. Interrupting the circuit, thereby affecting the normal use of electricity; when the power supply voltage is restored to normal, the delay function can effectively avoid the instantaneous normal voltage, and the power supply affects the load.

4. to choose a long life product, the mechanical life of the over voltage and under voltage protection devices can reach millions of times, and the electromagnetic life can be as long as tens of thousands of times. For the users, it is the problem that the product is practical, durable and cheap.

Above are some of the suggestions we have proposed for you to buy over voltage and under voltage protection devices, hoping to help consumers in need.