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Future development trend of smart grid

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2018-07-26Views : 2014

"Internet +" has become a hot word for the innovation and development of the traditional industry. Using Internet thinking and technology to achieve innovative development of traditional industries is also a distinctive feature of the future smart grid construction. The development model of the integration of information technology and power grid technology reveals 3 new trends in the development of smart grid in the future: more flexible and stronger, providing personalized service, meet the demand of diversified energy.

More flexible and stronger

The power grid and Circuit Breaker in China is the largest and most complex power grid in the world. As the hardware base of the energy Internet, the power grid must be strong and flexible enough to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the power grid. With the realization of long distance and ultra long distance transmission, the renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, the expansion of power dispatching and the increasingly complex structure of the power grid, a Circuit Breaker of power needs to meet so many functions, and a more flexible power grid should be established to adapt to the development of the power grid.

In addition to the formation of a large-scale Internet frame with UHV as the backbone network, the Circuit Breaker at all levels should also plan science, structure, and flexible operation. Through the wide area sensing and measurement technology, it will collect the relevant information of the power grid, and use the high-speed information communication network to combine advanced computing and flexible control technology to realize the power grid and power supply. Fast response on the side to provide high quality power supply services.

Providing personalized services

In the new situation, through optimizing the grid development planning and rational layout of the power grid infrastructure, collecting a large number of customer information, using large data analysis technology to depict customer behavior, "to use electricity customer as the center" to understand customer needs, to provide customers with personalized service and improve service efficiency.

It is not simply to listen to consumers' needs and to solve consumers' problems. It is more important that consumers participate in every link of the energy production and consumption chain, create an open ecosystem and attract more participants to enter the energy value chain, like the Internet industry, to bring together the whole society. The wisdom of the meeting will win the future together with the customers.

Meet the demand of pluralism

The future power grid will be based on the strong, wide interconnected, highly intelligent, open and interactive energy Internet, to open multiple interactive and efficient energy supply and service platform, to establish a modern energy supply system with centralized and distributed coordination, supply and demand interaction and efficient preparation, and to realize the green energy development and utilization. High efficiency, energy saving and sustainable development.

By collecting and calculating the mass information and data of the users, the balance of energy producers and energy consumers is realized in the regional scope, and the free power supply service is provided. At the same time, on this basis, a comprehensive service platform is constructed to provide a rich diversity of services, to promote the rapid development of the upstream and downstream and related industries of the smart grid, and to promote the formation of a benign development of the industrial ecosphere.