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Advantage introduction of frequency conversion EPS emergency power supply

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2018-07-23Views : 1956

EPS emergency power supply as a backup emergency power supply, in the fire emergency use of many, with the continuous development of skills, as well as various fire emergency, industrial use, lighting and other needs are not the same, EPS emergency power supply of all kinds of equipment is also becoming more and more perfect, satisfied with various different directions of demand. The variable frequency governor is the best speed control device for the starting motor and the motor. In the supply of second or third power supplies to the motor, the power plan composed of the battery and the variable frequency governor is an ambitious plan. The plan has the advantages of the conventional EPS emergency power supply.

(1) the request for the capacity of the power grid is low, because the frequency converter can ensure that the starting current is less than the rated current, and the capacity of the grid is equal to the capacity of the inverter.

(2) today, the frequency converter can finish all kinds of messy control functions, and the function of the control cabinet can be integrated into the power cabinet.

(3) long distance monitoring can be completed.

(4) uninterrupted power supply (both to zero switching) can be completed.

(5) the ratio of EPS emergency power output to load rating is 1:1

(6) control cabinet and power cabinet together, saving space and capital contribution.

The above is the advantage of using frequency conversion power EPS emergency power supply, but this is not necessarily the best one, because a good EPS emergency power supply solution plan is still to be equipped in accordance with the practical environment, load, and demand to reach the best effect.