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How to install the regulator

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2018-07-19Views : 1773

In the case of voltage instability, the first thing to consider is to buy a voltage stabilizer. However, when we buy a SVC Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer, how to install the voltage stabilizer is really a concern for the users, in fact that was not the case, the installation and wiring of the stabilizer are very simple. Here we explain the installation method of household voltage stabilizer.

1. Input the SVC Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer to the switchboard and install the fuse that meets the power protection rate of the instrument on the user panel to ensure power safety.

2. Connect the power supply of the electrical equipment to the output terminals of the instrument. Note that the rated input voltage of the appliance should be consistent with the output of the stabilizer.

3. Turn on the power switch of the SVC Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer first, and the working indicator light is on. Observe whether the indication value of the voltmeter is normal. When the output voltage is normal, the power switch of the electrical equipment is switched on. The stabilizer can automatically adjust the voltage and supply the power normally.

4. When the electrical equipment is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch of the electrical equipment, so as to reduce the consumption of electricity and prolong the service life of the stabilizer.

5. The stabilizer must not be overloaded. When the market voltage is low, the output capacity should be reduced, and the load of the regulator should be reduced accordingly.

6. When the appliance is equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioner, water pump and other equipment with motor operation, a voltage stabilizer with more than 3 times the capacity should be selected so as to prevent the equipment starting current exceeding the fuse current or over current protection circuit breaker current to make the fuse fuse breaking or the circuit breaker tripping or pressure drop too large.

7. The conductor connected to the stabilizer should have enough load to prevent heat and reduce pressure drop. A voltage stabilizer with a capacity of 2KVA or more is connected by terminals. A single copper conductor should be selected, and the terminal screws should be tightened as far as possible to prevent the connection from heating.

8. A single-phase or three-phase voltage stabilizer, after receiving all input and output lines, should turn off the power switch of the load first, reopen the stabilizer, check the output voltage normally, and then open the load power switch.