Analysis of common problems in vacuum circuit breakers

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In the power system, Vacuum Circuit Breakers play a very important role, so in use, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum circuit breaker, of course, when necessary, it is necessary to observe the condition of the vacuum circuit breaker in real time. Once the vacuum circuit breaker is running, it needs to be solved immediately. To solve this problem, let the power system be able to work continuously, so that some of the problems that are easier for the vacuum circuit breaker are not very familiar, and some users do not know the common problems of the vacuum circuit breaker at all. Then we give a detailed introduction to the common problems of the vacuum circuit breakers.

1. The common problems of Vacuum Circuit Breakers are mainly the problems of misalignment, vacuum degree and energy storage, and so on. The problems of vacuum circuit breakers are generally due to the two aspects of the problem of the circuit and the problem of machinery. It must be handled according to the condition of each kind, and we must take a good view. The length and size of the clearance may be due to the larger clearance of the equipment so that the equipment can run normally, so that the vacuum circuit breaker will not be able to operate, and the vacuum circuit breaker is divided into normal conditions, so the size of the gap should be kept within the specified range.

2. The error of the vacuum circuit breaker. At the beginning, there is no problem in all operation steps. In order to check the circuit in turn and the abnormal condition of the mechanism, a circuit will be formed immediately if the mechanism is short circuited, so it is easy to make a mistake in the vacuum circuit breaker. Generally, the short circuit is caused by the leakage of rainwater.

3. After storing energy, the electric motor of the Vacuum Circuit Breakers will continue to operate, and the vacuum circuit breaker will make the corresponding instructions after the energy storage is finished. At this time the switch is closed, and its circuit is normal motor operation.