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Do you know what leakage circuit breaker products we made?

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TAIXI Electric is unique in the field of R&D and production of leakage Circuit Breakers. Over the past 10 years, TAIXI Electric has used powerful research and development to create a series of products of the TAIXI Electric Leakage Circuit Breaker.
TAIXI Electric Leakage Circuit Breaker Series includes: TXB7LE Circuit Breaker, TXD7 Circuit Breaker, TXDL18 Circuit Breaker (TXLD7 Circuit Breaker), TXDB1L, TXZD1 Circuit Breaker, TXB7LES Circuit Breaker, TXD7S Circuit Breaker, DZ47LE Circuit Breaker, DZ47LE Circuit Breaker, DZ30LE Circuit Breaker , DZ47LES Circuit Breakers, TNID Circuit Breakers, etc.

The following is a brief introduction of TAIXI Electric genuine leakage Circuit Breaker series products:

TXB7LE, DZ47LE, DZ30LE, TXDB1L ELCB Series: These four kinds of Circuit Breakers belong to conventional power distribution or home-type leakage Circuit Breakers. The product comes with a leakage detection module, which can provide detection and action mechanisms, and has its sensitive actions. Can quickly trip action within 0.01s to protect the safety of the line and prevent leakage and grounding hazards.

TXD7 Circuit Breaker series: This product adds an overload protection module on the basis of the original leakage Circuit Breaker, and has basic leakage protection function. At the same time, it can also detect local overload and generate overload trip protection function.

TXB7LES, DZ47LES Circuit Breaker series: belong to the pre-paid meter control type Circuit Breaker, when the electricity owes time, the pre-paid meter can send action signals to the Circuit Breaker, the Circuit Breaker initiatively trips, and realize the automatic arrears function of arrears. The product is equipped with a shunt release and is rigorously tested on the basis of a basic residual current Circuit Breaker to provide leakage protection while providing meter control.

TXD7S Circuit Breaker Series: This Circuit Breaker has three functions: leakage protection, overload protection and prepaid meter control. It is a new type of leakage Circuit Breaker product and can replace the three major leakage Circuit Breakers, overload protection Circuit Breakers, and shunt release devices. Product, reduce the installation volume and improve operating efficiency.

TXDL18 Circuit Breaker Series: This product is a kind of special product. The product itself has overload protection function, and the breaking capacity provided is up to 10KA or more. It is a kind of leakage Circuit Breaker with high breaking capacity. The product design is inspired by L7 high breaking miniature Circuit Breaker (a type of miniature Circuit Breaker with high breaking capacity produced by TAIXI Electric). It can be used for leakage and overload protection of machinery or other equipment with large actual power.

TXZD1 Circuit Breaker series; this product is a new automatic reclosing product developed by TAIXI Electric with current, voltage monitoring and leakage protection. The product has a one-piece appearance and features that are not mentioned - reclosing. The leakage protection function can be automatically tripped when the leakage condition occurs. At this time, the leakage indicator lights up. When the line is repaired, there is no leakage, and the automatic reset function can be realized, which can avoid the trouble of the maintenance personnel constantly needing to test back and forth. In addition, the product's voltage and current detection and indication functions also provide a reference for line faults.

TNID Circuit Breaker series; this product is an electromagnetic leakage action Circuit Breaker, different from the traditional leakage Circuit Breaker, the Circuit Breaker is achieved by electromagnetic tripping leakage protection. The traditional leakage protector is a mechanical closing method, which is achieved through a mechanical fastener. During the leakage, the Circuit Breaker controller provides current to the coil, the relay works and the Circuit Breaker is tripped, the tripping time is long, and the motor is easy to wear. . Electromagnetic leakage Circuit Breakers connect the contacts through magnetic conductors to make the connection. When the circuit is leaking, the coil provides reverse magnetic force to achieve tripping. The electromagnetic leakage Circuit Breaker is more rapid than the traditional leakage Circuit Breaker in tripping and tripping, and has strong anti-interference ability.

Leakage Circuit Breaker products have a wide range of applications, and TAIXI Electric is making full coverage of leakage Circuit Breakers.