Why should customers watch out for the fake

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Nowadays, there are many businesses in the market with the flag of the smart electric meter box, which are sold to the consumers with the imitated high energy energy meter, and the interests of the consumers are seriously damaged. Even some businesses have colluded with some power companies, and the power companies, with the power management model that can be better safe and convenient, are forced to replace the electric energy meter of the residents, which greatly damages the interests of the residents. In fact, their so-called "smart" electric meter box can save energy and optimize Baidu. This is not accurate, and even aggravates the electricity consumption of residents.

What harm do these fake "smart" electric meter box bring to us?

First, this so-called "intelligent" plastic meter box is not energy saving but high energy consumption, it not only has the physical power consumption of the mechanical meter, but also has a block battery in the table. It is charged for a long time (charging is user electricity), and there are four functions of pulse, trip, infrared and alarm, without electricity and electricity, and no mechanical electricity. Damage, these costs are borne by the user.

Second, the quality of the so-called plastic meter box can not be guaranteed, damage replacement is borne by the user, and the price is very high.

Third, a large number of normal electricity metering equipment has been eliminated, and the State Grid is suspected of wasting state investment.

Fourth, the electricity consumption contract will be changed at will and infringe upon the rights and interests of consumers.

Fifth. The purpose of the remolding of the electric meter is to better and safer electricity use, and to replace the intelligent electric energy meter, which can not achieve its purpose; it can only afford the unreasonable electricity loss to the user, and at the same time, it does not need to copy the meter to achieve the purpose of reducing the staff, the cost is reduced, the electricity price is not reduced, the few people have high income, the majority are laid off, and the burden pushed to the authorities. Push into society and bring unsettled factors to society.

Do you know the harm of the fake "smart" plastic meter box now? Be sure to pay more attention to the purchase.