What are the installation environment and system planning of EPS emergency power supply?

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EPS emergency power supply is a centralized emergency power supply, and the EPS emergency power supply is usually installed in the distribution room of the building, so it can not only effectively centrally manage the equipment, but also can not easily be affected by the fire in the case of fire.

EPS emergency power supply installation usually needs to pay attention to several problems:
1. The principle of fire and inflammable and explosive materials;
2. Keep indoors clean, do not have too much dust, prevent flooding, sun and rain.
3. Distribution room or monitoring room and other devices EPS emergency power supply environment needs ventilation and ventilation, and can dissipate heat.
4. Do not install EPS emergency power in damp places, such as basement.

System planning of EPS emergency power supply
1. The lighting function system of the EPS fire emergency power supply is set up for fire fighting and rescuers. It is usually set in such important places as power distribution and distribution room, fire pump room, fire control center, communication center and so on. The emergency work time should not be lower than 90min and meet the normal work. Demand for illumination.
2. The fire evacuation function system, composed of fire emergency evacuation lights, is set up in order to provide the required illumination when people evacuate. It is usually set in the public walkway and the vertical staircase. The emergency work time is not less than 90min and the illuminance is not less than 0.5Lx.
3. The emergency evacuation marking system, composed of low fire emergency evacuation lighting and evacuation instructions, and other signs, provides a clear direction and way for people to evacuate in emergency. It is usually installed in public walkways of large public places, such as shopping malls and cinemas, as well as the vertical building. In the ladder, usually in the ground or below the ground 1m, the emergency lighting should not be less than 90min for emergency lighting, and the surface brightness of the mark lamp main interface should not be less than 15cd/m2.