Why is the automatic reclosing circuit breaker so popular?

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As a necessary accessory for terminal distribution, the circuit breaker products can protect the control and protection of the power system to the load system. Through the detection of line overload, short circuit, leakage and other fault conditions to make a corresponding tripping action to protect electrical equipment and power equipment, Taixi Electric Automatic Recloser Circuit Breaker ProductsThe time to find faults and the time to react are greatly reduced.
Traditional circuit-breaker products for home and conventional power distribution applications, as long as the circuit breaker can make protection action when the line fails, but for some special occasions, if there is only a "trip" and no "closing" or "closing A long time," There are serious consequences for power transmission and equipment operation. And the closing of the traditional circuit breaker needs manual closing. The closing time depends on the time that the electrician rushes to the place where the equipment is protected. It takes time and effort.
Is there any kind of protection circuit that can be used at a short time after the line is restored? Here's a recommendation for a self-produced and automated automatic reclosing Circuit Breaker: TXB8F5-80 Auto-Recloser Breaker(Auto reclosing air switch) and TXZDL autoreclosing earth leakage circuit breaker (Automatic reclosing leakage protector).
TXB8F5 auto-recloser circuit breaker has a variety of protection capabilities, including overload, short circuit, etc., can automatically protect the line. When the line fails, the circuit breaker automatically disconnects the circuit. The circuit-breaker has a built-in memory chip that can memorize the operating status of the line at the moment of detection of the line fault and make a disconnection response. When the line needs to be restored after troubleshooting, the electrician is no longer required. Go to manual closing, Automatic reclosing According to the line memory status and the current line running status comparison, when the two data coincide, indicating that the line can be normal operation, reclosing to make delayed closing action (delayed Closing can avoid the current impact caused by the momentary closing and the effect of the test closing, and the line resumes power supply. In addition, TXB8F5-80 is set to manual and automatic switching mode. This function is set to prevent accidental accidents if it is uncertain whether the reclosing itself or other equipment and line faults or electrical repairs need to prevent accidental closing. . TXB8F5-80 has the ability of remote control. It can be used with electric meters, fire fighting equipment and other devices that can generate voltage pulse signals, and can be used to control the line breaking and recovery. Such as: using IC card prepaid meter line,
Taixi Electric Automatic Reclosing Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ProductsMake Electric Meters and Reclosers The connection can automatically disconnect the line when the meter owes time, and the meter automatically resumes power supply after renewing the fee, which saves man-hours and improves the power supply efficiency.
TXZDL automatic reclosing leakage circuit breaker
Adding multiple protection and alarm functions on the basis of TXB8F8-80 greatly improves the practical value of the product. In addition to overload and short circuit protection, TXZDL has the functions of leakage protection, over-voltage protection, over-current, fault alarm, voltage and current display, adjustable voltage and current, and lightning protection. The product is equipped with a buzzer. When the circuit breaker is in the protection state (that is, the above-mentioned various types of faults occur on the circuit, and the circuit breaker trips), the buzzer will alarm, prompt the relevant personnel to check the fault condition, and the circuit breaker displays the voltage and current in real time. Observing the voltage and current can tell whether the line fault caused by voltage and current instability. In addition, TXZDL can set the rated current (adjustable range 6~63A), leakage current (adjustable range 10~90mA), overvoltage (adjustable range 220~280), undervoltage (adjustable range 140~) 220). The product has three-pole lightning protection capability and can be directly used for more than 80% of conventional power distribution applications. TXZDLAutomatic reclosing also has a communication interface that can be used in conjunction with electric meters and other equipment.
Taixi Electric Automatic Reclosing Circuit Breaker Has Been Received Great Attention and Market Since Its Launch In recognition, we will also further improve the performance of our products and strive to make new contributions to the power industry.
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