The effect of the stabilizer

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With the rapid development of society, the use of electrical equipment is increasing day by day. However, the aging and development lag of power transmission and distribution facilities, as well as the poor design and insufficient power supply cause the low end user voltage, while the line head users often have high voltage, and the high technology and precision equipment, especially the voltage requirements, are only a time bomb. As a public grid, the city electric power system is connected with thousands of various loads and Circuit Breaker. Some of the larger loads of perceptual, capacitive and switching power supply not only obtain electrical energy from the power grid, but also influence the power grid itself in turn, deteriorate the power supply quality of the power grid or local power grid, and cause the distortion of the voltage waveform of the city. Or frequency drift. In addition, accidental natural and man-made accidents, such as excessive load voltage, earthquake, lightning strike, Circuit Breaker maybe short circuit, will jeopardize the normal supply of electric power and affect the normal work of the load. It needs stabilizer to stabilize the situation

Unstable voltage can cause fatal injury or malfunction to equipment, affect production, cause delay in delivery, unstable quality, and many other losses. At the same time, stabilizer accelerates the aging of the equipmentand Circuit Breaker, affects the service life and even burns the accessories, which makes the owners face the need of maintenance or in the short term to update the equipment and waste the resources; the serious people even have safety accidents, causing immeasurable loss.

Therefore, the use of voltage stabilizer is essential for the use of electrical equipment, especially for new high technology and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements.