Solutions to voltage instability in remote families

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The electricity consumption in remote areas and rural areas is increasing sharply and the lines are too long, and the power supply facilities are lagging behind. When the power supply is tense, the voltage of the home will be unstable (mainly low), so that many household appliances can not work normally, and even burn the electrical appliances, cause the fire and other malignant accidents.

In order to ensure the safety of household electricity, the following measures can be taken to solve the unstable voltage supply at home.

1. Buy wide voltage type household appliances. In the design of household appliances, the factors of power supply voltage fluctuation have been taken into consideration, so that they can ensure normal operation within a certain range of voltage fluctuations.

In recent years, some enterprises have wide voltage range for producing household appliances with wide voltage in view of the power consumption in rural areas. If the voltage in your home is not stable enough to meet the national standard, try to choose a wide voltage type when purchasing household appliances.

2. Avoid and use high power electrical appliances at the same time. Now a lot of household appliances, at the same time the use of overloads, the direct consequence of overload is that the current is too large, resulting in excessive voltage drop, low voltage of the user, heat of the wire, serious overloading will cause the disconnection of fuse or the automatic trip of the air switch, which causes sudden power break in the home, which will cause a serious fire disaster. Therefore, we should pay attention to the use of high-power appliances as far as possible, especially in the peak hours, large power appliances must be staggered.

3. Choose energy saving household electrical appliances. The choice of energy saving type of household appliances, energy saving and reducing consumption. For example, under the premise of ensuring the quality of lighting, priority should be given to lamps with high luminous efficiency, good color rendering and high safety. Compact fluorescent lamps should be selected for general lighting. Televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and so on should also choose energy-saving products.

4. Purchase and use Voltage Regulator. If the power supply voltage at home is often not within the allowable voltage range of household appliances, a regulator should be used. For example, when the supply voltage is often less than 187 volts, it should be equipped with a voltage Stabilizer for electric household appliances, otherwise it will be very easy to damage household appliances in the process of use. The following three points should be paid attention to when buying a Voltage Regulator:

One is the whole function. The voltage Stabilizer must have the following three functions: voltage stabilizing function, Stabilizer can stabilize the voltage of 125-165 volts or high voltage 250~270 volts between 200~230 volts, and make the household electrical appliances work properly; automatic power off function, when the input voltage is higher than 270 volts or below 125 volts and the output voltage is higher than 235 volts, the power supply can be cut off automatically. The function of time can be delayed for 4~8 minutes after the sudden call after power failure. When choosing household pressurizer, we must pay attention to whether the three basic functions are reliable.

The two is to determine the right power. The domestic Voltage Regulator's apparent power varies from 500 watts to 8000 watts, and the price ranges from tens to hundreds of dollars. The power of the voltage regulator should be selected according to the power of the electric appliance, but do not only calculate the rated consumption of the household electrical appliances. As many electrical appliances are started, the current is much higher than the rated current, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and fans. Generally speaking, the air conditioner should choose a power regulator which is 3 times the power, and the refrigerator should be 5 times the other. When buying, we should also consider the situation of several electrical appliances together, the power is rather big and not small, so that the output power of the regulator is enough to meet the peak impact of the instantaneous current of the household appliances.

The three is to buy qualified products. At present, most of the regulators on the market are produced by small factories in the family workshops, most of which are unqualified. Packing should be selected intact, specifications, certificates, warranty cards and accessories. It is absolutely impossible to plan cheap products, buy "three no" products, and bury potential accidents.

5. The voltage abnormally cuts off the electrical power supply. The general user can judge whether the voltage is normal by experience. If the luminance of the lamp in the home is darkened, it is obviously not as bright as usual, indicating that the voltage is too low; if the home lamp is obviously brightened, the voltage is too high; if the light is suddenly bright when a light is opened, it will burn up immediately, indicating a significant increase in the voltage.

Of course, a conditional family can use a multimeter for a simple test. If it is within the normal fluctuation range, there is no need to worry. If the allowable value has been exceeded, it shows that the power transformer or line is abnormal.

In the case of abnormal voltage, the user should immediately pull out the electrical plug at home, or open the switch in the meter box, and please handle it by the professional.