What are the basic requirements of the GB 14048.2 whitch is same as the IEC60947.2

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1 basic requirements
This standard is equivalent to the use of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60947-2:1995 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment - Part 2: Low-voltage circuit breakers." GB/T 14048.1-2000 (Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment General Provisions) provisions apply to this standard, where the standard cited in the general provisions of the article, table, drawing and appendix are marked with "see GB/T 14048.1-200. Medium XXX",
1.1 Scope of application
This standard applies to circuit breakers whose main contacts are used to connect persons whose rated voltage does not exceed the AC 10 00V or DC 15 00V circuit. This standard also specifies supplementary requirements for circuit breakers with fuses.
This standard applies to any rated current, circuit breakers of various types or various intended uses. The requirements for circuit breakers used for ground protection are included in Appendix B. Additional requirements for electronic over-current protection circuit breakers are included in Appendix F.
Additional requirements for IT system breakers are included in Appendix H.
Supplementary requirements for circuit breaker as direct starters are specified in GB 1 4048.4.
The requirements for Circuit Breaker designed for conductor protection in buildings and similar places and for use by unskilled personnel are specified in GB 10963.
The requirements for circuit breaker for equipment (such as electrical equipment) are specified in GB 17701.
For certain circuit breakers for specific applications (such as traction, rolling mills and ships), the necessary special provisions and supplementary requirements may be made.
Note: The circuit breakers referred to in this standard may be equipped with devices that can be automatically disconnected under predetermined conditions other than overload and undervoltage, such as reverse power or reverse current disconnect devices. This standard does not involve verification of actions under this predetermined condition.
The purpose of this standard is to provide:
1) Characteristics of residual current devices;
2) Conditions that the residual current devices should meet in the following cases:
a) Action and performance during normal operation;
b) Actions and performance under overload conditions and actions and performance including short-circuit conditions in conjunction with operation (eg, selective and backup protection combinations);
c) Dielectric properties;
3) Tests and test methods used to demonstrate the achievement of the above conditions;
4) The parameters indicated or given on the residual current devices.
1.2 Reference Standard
The provisions contained in the following standards are incorporated into this standard and constitute the provisions of this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised and all parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards.
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