What is the IEC standard and how is it formulated?

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1) IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is an international standards organization composed of national electrotechnical committees. The purpose of the IEC is to promote the international cooperation involved in standards related to electrical and electronic technology, including China export oriented Circuit Breakers. For this purpose and in favor of other aspects of work, the IEC compiles and publishes international standards. The standard preparation work is entrusted to the technical committee, and any IEC national committee interested in the involved projects can participate in the preparation of the standard. International, governmental and non-governmental organizations that have a collaborative relationship with IEC can also participate in the preparation of standards. The IEC and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have established close cooperative relations in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the agreements between the two parties. 2) Since technical committees represent the interests of national committees, IEC's resolutions and agreements concerning technical content express as much international consensus as possible on related technical issues. 3) In order to be applicable for international use, the IEC publication standard has several recommended types: formal standards, technical reports and guidelines. In this sense, IEC standards are recognized by various national committees. 4) In order to promote international unification, the IEC National Committee will be responsible for maximizing the conversion of IEC standards into corresponding national and regional standards. There are any inconsistencies between the IEC standards and the corresponding national and regional standards, which should be explicitly stated in national and regional standards. 5) In the event that one of the electrical equipment (China export oriented Circuit Breakers) is declared to be in compliance with one of its relevant standards, the IEC does not provide any formalities concerning the presentation of the approval mark and is not obliged to do so. 6) It must be noted that some parts of this standard may involve patent rights, which the IEC will not confirm. The international standard IEC 60947-2 was developed by IEC 17th Technical Committee: Sub-committee 17B “Switchgear and Control Equipment”: “Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment”. The second edition replaces the first edition published in 1989, the errata in 1989 and 1990, and Revision No. 1 (1992) and Revision No. 2 (1993), and Revision No. 1 in 1997. The text of the standard is based on the first edition, the errata, the 1992 revision No. 1, the 1993 revision No. 2 and the 1997 revision No. 1.

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