Working principle of AC contactor

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When the coil is electrified, the static iron core produces the electromagnetic suction, and the moving iron core is absorbed. Because the contact system is linked to the moving iron core, the moving iron core drives three touch plates at the same time, the main contact is closed, and the auxiliary often closed contact contact with the main contact is broken, and the auxiliary contact point is closed so as to connect the power supply.

When the coil is broken, the suction is disappearing and the linkage part of the moving iron core is separated by the reacting force of the spring. The main contact is disconnected and the auxiliary normally closed contact contacts with the main contacts are closed, and the auxiliary open contact is disconnected to cut off the power supply.

The general three-phase electrical contactor has 8 points, three way input, three output, and two control points. Output and input are corresponding, so it's easy to see. If you want to add self locking, you need to connect the line to the control point from a terminal of the output point.

The principle of the electrical ac contactor manufacturers

It uses external power to add on the coil to produce electromagnetic field. When the power is added, the contact point is disconnected after the power is broken. After knowing the principle, you should figure out the contact points of the external power supply, that is, the two contact points of the coil, usually on the lower part of the contactor, and each side is on the side. Several other inputs and outputs are usually in the upper part. We should also pay attention to the voltage of the external power supply (220V or 380V). And notice whether the contact points are often closed or often open. If there is self-locking control, electrical ac contactor manufacturers can manage the circuit according to the principle.

The load current of the AC electrical contactor from electrical ac contactor manufacturers is very large, usually the internal suction coil to control its action or not, and the control coil is operated by various types of relays connected to it. After the lightning strike, the relay will be tripped because the relay has a over current or grounding protection function. When the line has lightning, it has lightning. It will control the operation of AC electrical contactor, cut off the load power to protect the equipment, so that it will be damaged by high voltage or high current or safety risks.