What is the product of the isolation switch, and why is our switch quality better?

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Our lives often use to a switch called the isolation switch, and the use of such a switch in our country is already very common, but the use of the position is not the same, and in some locations and installation options the differentiation is a certain, when the location of the disconnector can significantly above where the contacts are seen, the tagged flags, each switch above all others, this flag is in accordance with certain requirements and provisions for labels, in the engagement position, the switch is also required to have sufficient capacity to carry the current under normal circuit conditions produced under normal circumstances, the processing of some abnormality in a certain period of time, such a current switch Equipment has been widely used in our lives.
What is a disconnect switch
The electrical isolator switch we often refer to is also called a high-voltage electrical isolator switch. A switch used above a certain rated voltage is generally used when the voltage is 1KV. In many of the high-voltage switchgear we use, this is This type of switch should be used more than one, and its own working principle and structure is also very simple, very easy to use, in the current life of the number is very large, the reliability of the work is very Gao, whether isolation switch is used in family life or in some substations or power plants, is inseparable from his use.
In addition, a new type of load disconnecting switch can quickly disconnect the circuit in a high current circuit environment of 100A~3000A, which has a great safety guarantee for the overhaul of the line, can effectively guarantee personal safety and avoid the circuit being disconnected. And the impact of the closed momentary current causes damage to the equipment. About switch features
The use of electrical isolator switch itself is a certain characteristic, whether it is design or feature from the use of the above have their own advantages, this kind of switch is one of the biggest feature is not breaking the ability to perform this work only The circuit can be divided and combined in an environment without load current, and the line and power can be separated in different voltage and circuit connection changing lines, but the isolation switch has no current interruption capability. In the operation, it is possible to use some other voltage equipment to first cut the circuit and then continue the work. In the work, the main use of the device is to use a combination of a prevent switch and a load operation, and When necessary, pins can also be used to switch off the magnetic force when some of the larger faults occur.
Generally, we need a medium for electrical maintenance, and we also need a device to perform the electrical interval. With the use of a disconnect switch, an obvious power failure will occur, so that the personal safety of the workers can be guaranteed. When carrying out work, load operation is absolutely not allowed. It is not possible to use the rated load or the operating condition of a large load, and neither the load current nor the short-circuit current can be used. The use of some equipment with arc extinguishing chamber can load some operation of small load current and no-load line.
Use on isolation switch after will be more widespread, and also can be seen everywhere, and there is the electricity transmission operation when the first close the isolation switch, the safety of construction workers is the first issue to be considered, it is also very important problem.