EPS emergency power supply summary

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The code for fire protection design of high-rise buildings (GB50045-95) is the requirement for the power supply of fire facilities. A fire fighting facility for a high-rise building must be designed according to the first level load and distribution. The design specifications for power supply and distribution box (GB50052 - 95) require that the first level load should be supplied by two power sources. When a power supply fails, another power will not be damaged at the same time. In addition to two power supply, the emergency power supply should be added. The emergency power supply can be selected as follows: (1) the generator set independent of the normal power supply; (2) the dedicated feeder line which is effectively independent of the normal power supply network; (3) the battery; (4) and the dry battery. For the provision of self powered emergency power, the design specification of power supply and distribution box stipulates: (1) self powered power is required to be used as an emergency power supply for a particularly important load in a primary load or when a second power supply can't meet the first load condition. (2) distribution box is more reasonable to set up a self-contained power supply than to obtain a second power supply from the power system. (3) perennial stable waste heat, pressure difference, exhaust gas for power generation, reliable technology and reasonable economy. (4) the region is remote, far away from the power system, and it is reasonable to set up its own power supply.

As eps emergency power supply, diesel generating set has been widely used in engineering for decades at home and abroad. With the concept of architectural design progress, the use of diesel generators as a fire eps emergency power supply problems have become increasingly prominent, such as unit noise and harmful gas emissions pollution; units occupied high cost of building space and facilities construction design requirements and difficulty; storage facilities itself has the fire hazard, supporting the need for high cost gas automatic fire extinguishing fire facilities. In recent years, with the development of the power electronic inverter technology, static inverter eps emergency power supply (commonly referred to as EPS) has been developing rapidly, because of its emergency response time is short and the flexibility of installation environment and strong load adapting noise and exhaust emission characteristics and protection ability, low power in the period of significant comprehensive cost and other advantages, is widely used as fire emergency power supply; and in the following 400KW small and medium power range, has gradually replaced the trend of emergency diesel generator set.