AC contactor function

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Din Rail Mounted Contactor function: the main work of the AC contactor (cj19 magnetic contactor) is to connect and disconnect the electrical circuit. Two kinds of contact is used to reduce the damage caused by the arc during the break and prolong the life of the main contact. It is easy to replace the auxiliary contact and the price is cheap. The time difference and small of the action of the main and auxiliary contacts will not affect the work of the electrical appliance. Din Rail Mounted Contactor is one of the most widely used low voltage control electric appliances in electric power drag and automatic control system. As an executive element, it is used to connect, break off lines, or frequently control motors and other equipment. It is composed of the movable and static main contact, the arc extinguishing cover, the movable and static iron core, the auxiliary contact and the bracket shell. After the electromagnetic coil is electrified, the moving iron core is absorbed under the action of electromagnetic force, and the movable contact is contacted with the static contact directly or through the lever drive, and the circuit is connected. After the electromagnetism coil is cut off, the moving iron core is returned automatically under the effect of the reset spring. It is commonly known as release, the contact is separated and the circuit is broken.

The working principle of Din Rail Mounted Contactor is that when the coil is energized, the static core will generate electromagnetic attraction and move the core to attract. Because the contact system of cj19 magnetic contactor is linked to the moving iron core, the moving iron core can drive three movable contacts to run simultaneously, and the contacts are closed, so as to connect the power supply. When the coil is broken, the suction is disappearing, and the linkage part of the moving iron core is separated by the counterforce of the spring, and the main contact is disconnected and the power is cut off. The core of cj19 magnetic contactor is made up of silicon steel sheet and riveted by silicon steel sheet, and its excitation coil has skeleton to isolate core and coil and make short and thick short weight type coil, which is beneficial to heat dissipation of core and coil.