Development of AC contactor

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AC contactor is one of the indispensable devices in AC current. In recent years, various contactors are constantly emerging, and contactors are developing towards diversification, electrical ac contactor manufacturers bringing people more and more different choices.

The electrical ac contactor manufacturers produce AC contactor as a whole, and the shape and performance are also increasing, but the function is always the same. No matter what the development of the technology is, the common cjx1 ac contactor has its important position. On the other hand, the cjx1 ac contactor accessories are also important. It can be said to be the "assistant" of the contactor.

Air electromagnetic contactor from electrical ac contactor manufacturers: mainly composed of the contact point system, the electromagnetic operating system, the support, the auxiliary contact and the shell (or the bottom frame).

Because the coil of AC electromagnetic contactor is usually supplied by AC power supply. After the excitation of contactor, there usually is a high decibel "noise", which is also the characteristic of electromagnetic contactor. The AC contactor accessories are also an indispensable part of the AC contactor.

After 80s, all countries studied the voiceless and power saving of the cjx1 ac contactor electromagnet. One of the basic feasible solutions is to reduce the AC power supply by transformer, and then turn it into a DC power supply after the internal rectifier, but this complex control mode is rare.

Vacuum contactor: the vacuum contactor is the contact of a vacuum degaussing chamber in the contact system.

Semiconductor contactor: a semiconductor contactor is a contactor that performs a current operation by changing the state and circuit state of the circuit circuit.

These contactors are the crystals produced during the development process. They all have the unique characteristics that other contactors can't achieve, so they can occupy a good position in their respective fields and are hard to shake.