Comparison of the application of the Molded case circuit breaker and the frame circuit breaker

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Molded Case Circuit Breaker, like circuit breakers, have been widely used as circuit breakers. So what are the differences between these two types of circuit breakers in the actual application process? The smart low voltage circuit breaker manufacturers following the introduction of the switch factory for our brief analysis.

1. Molded Case Circuit Breaker is a plastic structure. Its feature is that the circuit breaker shell and frame are all made of plastic, and it has contacts, arc extinguishing system and so on placed in an insulating chamber. In order to prevent a short circuit between them, and in order to ensure that the arc can be ejected upwards, the contact system is reliably broken. The frame circuit breaker adopts a modular structure, which is divided into framework, contact arc extinguishing system, manual operation mechanism, electric operation mechanism, intelligent controller and drawer seat. And each of its parts can be a complete and independent part. It can be fixed with only 1-2 screws when assembling, and disassembly and assembly are also very convenient, facilitating its maintenance.

2. Molded Case Circuit Breaker has a wide range of products. Their features are compact structure, easy operation, and simple structure and function. The frame circuit breaker has a perfect function, especially the wide application of the single-chip microcomputer technology in recent years, so that the frame circuit breaker gradually develops in the direction of high performance, easy maintenance, and networking.

3. In the rated current, the molded case circuit breaker (cm1 100 mccb) is generally 630A or less, and the rated current of the frame circuit breaker is much larger, generally 630A-6300A.

4. In the sectional capacity, the frame circuit breaker (cm1 100 mccb) is higher than the molded case circuit breaker. Under normal circumstances, circuit loops above 800 A or circuit loops with higher segmentation requirements mostly use frame circuit breakers, while circuit loops below 630 A typically use molded case circuit breakers.

5. All parts of the frame circuit breaker (cm1 100 mccb) are installed in an insulated metal frame, often open type, and can be installed with a variety of accessories. It is also more convenient to replace the contacts and parts, and it is mostly used in the power end switch. The outer contacts, arc extinguishing chambers, trip units, and operating mechanisms of the molded case circuit breaker ground terminals are all housed in a plastic case. Generally, we do not consider their maintenance. It is more suitable for branch circuits. Most of the protection switches are manually operated.