Safety regulations of circuit breakers

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In summer, miniature circuit breakers are particularly important, so how to use the miniature circuit breakers safely? The following summarizes the safe use of circuit breakers, I hope to help you.

Safety regulations of circuit breakers

1. When the circuit of miniature circuit breakers are well connected, it should check whether the wiring is correct. It can be checked by the test button. If the circuit breaker can be correctly divided, it indicates that the leakage protector is installed correctly, otherwise the circuit should be checked and the fault is excluded.

2. The circuit breakers need to check contacts after short circuit breakage. If main contacts burn seriously or have pits, they need to be maintained. 4P leakage circuit breakers (such as dz47le 63 elcb breaker) must be connected to the zero line to make the electronic circuits work normally.

3. After the leakage protector is put into operation, every time after a period of time, the user should check whether the circuit breaker is running normally through the test button. The leakage protection, overload and short circuit protection characteristic of the breaker is set by the manufacturer, and it is not allowed to be adjusted at will, so as not to affect the performance.

4. The function of the test button is to check the operating state of the circuit breaker in the state of the switch after a certain period of installation or operation. Press the test button, the circuit breaker can be broken, indicating that the operation is normal, can continue to use; if the circuit breaker can not break, the circuit breaker or line has trouble, need to be overhauled;

5. The circuit breaker is broken down because of the failure of the protected circuit, and the operation handle is in the release position. To identify the reasons for troubleshooting, should first handle downward pull, the operating mechanism of "back", to carry out the closing operation;

6. The load circuit of the dz47le 63 elcb breaker must go through the load side of the circuit breaker, and no phase line or zero line of the load will not be allowed to pass through the dz47le 63 elcb breaker. Otherwise, it will cause artificial leakage to cause the circuit breaker to not connect to the gate, resulting in "malfunction".