What are the features of the material used in the transparent meter box

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Know that electric meter box production of the public know that its production is the need for composite resin and reinforced materials and other materials, and its main purpose is to better protect it, so as to protect the public's electricity safety. So what are the characteristics of its material in the end? This is some knowledge that we must know in the process of using the public. This is of great significance for protecting the safety of the State Grid and protecting the safety of its own electricity. In fact, it is now made of material, the maritime bureau has a very good security, as long as we can use it correctly, it is still very safe.

First of all, we need to know that these production materials used in production are to better protect our electrical performance, but at the same time, we need to better ensure that we have a good power consumption environment. Therefore, the protection of electrical performance is very obvious in the production of electric meter box, and the most important thing is to better protect the good performance of our electricity consumption. The fiber reinforced polyester material has good insulation characteristics, and better insulation in wires, which is very good for the public's electricity safety.

Secondly, we know that because the electric meter box either indoors or outdoors, usually influenced by environmental factors, and most of the meter box usually outdoors, although in the outdoor environment, there will still be a relatively good protective measures, but still can not help but be affected by external factors, so the meter boxes material select the production, we should know its use of materials, still need to have good corrosion resistance. Especially outdoor, it will affect the normal use of the meter boxes due to the long time corrosion of rainwater and acid gas. Therefore, for the production material of the meter boxes, it also needs good anticorrosion performance.

The last is the quality and intensity of the electric meter box, because the meter box usually needs to be made of light weight and high strength materials for the purpose of better safety.