Analysis of the micro source characteristics of the energy Internet - DC Miniature circuit breaker

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The distributed energy power generation in the regional energy Internet mainly includes wind power generation, photovoltaic generation, gas turbine power generation and fuel cell. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, small capacity and plug and play. When the electric energy emitted by the distributed generation is in surplus, it can be output to the large power grid after the DC microgrid with dc mini circuit breaker is installed, which can avoid harmonic injection of distributed power directly connected to the grid.

The characteristics of wind power generation. Wind power generation is a relatively mature new energy generation technology, and the output power is determined by wind energy. The fan is the original motive of the generator set, the wind drives the blade of the wind wheel to turn, and transforms the wind energy into the mechanical energy, thus driving the generator to produce electric energy. Based on the use of DC750V dc mini circuit breaker DC micro grid energy Internet, wind power output AC to DC conversion through the rectifier, and then through the Boost access circuit of DC bus, do not need to consider the problem of fan speed, which can simplify the equipment investment, better economic and practical.

The characteristics of photovoltaic power generation. The basic component of photovoltaic power generation is photovoltaic cell. According to the principle of photogenerated volt effect, the solar energy is converted into electric energy directly. In order to solve the problem of weather conditions, a glass sphere lens solar power generation device has received extensive attention. More permeable spheres can also collect moon light at night. Even in cloudy days, the efficiency of electric energy conversion is 4 times as much as that of ordinary solar panels. Photovoltaic power generation by DC output, connected to dc mini circuit breaker based on the installation of the junction box of the micro grid energy in the Internet without going through the inverter, the maximum power directly using boost circuit to realize tracking control of photovoltaic cell display and photovoltaic output voltage change, reduce the energy loss and the adverse effects on power.