Installation requirements for transparent meter box

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In modern families, more and more wires and cables are used, such as telephone line, cable TV line, broadband network line, audio line, security alarm signal line and so on. Different cable has different technical requirements, but the traditional family style because the wiring construction is not standardized, the maintenance and the use is not convenient, no broadband application considerations and other reasons, has been unable to meet the current need of family decoration, but also unable to meet the higher requirements of "Smart Home Life" in the future.

So we're going to wonder if there's such a box that can help me regulate all the lines, TV lines, telephone lines, and so on. Is there such a box that can facilitate the management of all kinds of home smart devices that I now and in the future do? Is there a suitcase that can be beautiful and generous?

1. For more than one computer to the Internet, each information bit into the fiber termination box three-phase transformer fault, can facilitate the management and after exclusion.

2. Optical fiber information box is designed for fiber to the home district, which installed optical fiber optical disc is fixed, the cat Internet required (ONU) and to provide a mounting frame, light cat power socket and so on.

3. If the use of optical fiber information box, suggested that the home of the weak cable (TV, telephone, broadband) all in the same box management, such as the future competition in the various operators, we only need to put into the family line and light cat replaced, you can enjoy Internet, watching TV, playing the telephone.

4. There is also the most basic function. We cherish the optical fiber. Because fiber is thinner than hair, we can't break it. We can't connect it because fiber is made of glass fiber.