Common sense of residual current circuit breakers

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There are many common sense of lightning residual current circuit breaker in life if they can understand some of these attempts can further guarantee the security of electricity, a lot of residual current breaker every month according to the time, which is explicitly proposed in this device, the residual current circuit breaker each month according to a what is the meaning of it, every month according to the residual current circuit breaker a necessary?

In the use of lightning residual current circuit breaker, we should have a general understanding of some common sense problems. The fault occurs, a sharp decline in the bus voltage, the voltage drop to the setting value of voltage protection, low voltage relay, circuit breaker tripping, instantaneous fault. This is the voltage quick break protection, overcurrent protection to speed off and with time limit current time current, when a failure occurs in the circuit, no time limit relay protection can act instantaneously, but it can only be a part of the line, with time overcurrent protection can protect the whole line and the other time overcurrent protection than the next line without time protection, a big time difference, so the next line first short circuited protection will not malfunction.

Overcurrent relay protector has the functions of overload, blocking, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase break and current unbalance. The over current protector can be used for fast and reliable protection of any type of three-phase motor. The lightning residual current circuit breaker has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, low cost, no power consumption, long service life and small volume. Current fast breaking protection reflects the phase to line short circuit fault, and is widely used in 10~35KV distribution lines and small capacity transformers. According to the current setting short-circuit current, short-circuit current values, only the beginning of the line when the fault current is greater than that of its action, will immediately break protection action, so the protection scope is limited to the line before the part.