How do you deal with the fire in the meter box?

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After the general fire, everyone's first reaction is to quickly use water to put out. But at this time the water can be electrolyzed into hydrogen, oxygen, two kinds of gas, hydrogen is flammable, oxygen has combustion supporting nature, not only can not play the role of fire, but also contributed to the spread of the fire.

When the plastic electrical distribution box is burned, the possibility of electric shock is greater due to the damage of the insulation, so the main switch of the power supply should be switched off immediately, and the dry powder fire extinguisher can be used. If there is no formal fire-fighting equipment nearby, you can also use sand instead of the fire and call 119 for assistance.

Remember, don't act without knowing fire fighting knowledge so as not to cause unnecessary harm.

The meter box on fire, do not panic, stay away from the meter, to avoid injury to the first time, and then cut off the power supply, fire extinguisher and dry powder or gas, such as power supply is not cut off, do not direct water off the water, to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion, causing two damage.

Do not encounter electric box fire, such events do not easily sell, and should promptly call 119 or the electricity sector, as long as the general rescue quickly, can resume power supply within a day.

Apart from installing fire sprinkler facilities, there is also a fire extinguisher on each floor. It is placed under a standardized meter box.