What is the function of the auxiliary contact of AC contactor?

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AC contactor (cjx1 ac contactor) mainly is CJX2 series, CJ20 series, CJT1 series of the CJ series, 3TB, B series and some of the most commonly used products.

AC contactor is mainly composed of four parts: (1) the electromagnetic system, including attraction coil, moving core and static core; (2) contact system, including three main contacts and one to two groups of normally open and normally closed auxiliary contact, and its moving iron core is together with each other; (3) death arc device, AC contactor generally larger capacity are equipped with arc extinguishing device, in order to quickly cut off from the main contact arc, burn out; (4) insulation casing and accessories, all kinds of spring, a transmission mechanism, a short circuit ring, terminal etc..

When the coil is energized, the static iron core generated electromagnetic force, moving core pull, the contact system and move core linkage, thus moving core drive three movable contact piece at the same time, the main contact is closed, normally closed contact auxiliary and main machinery connected disconnected, auxiliary normally open contact is closed, thereby connect the power supply. When the coil power, suction disappeared, moving core linkage part depends on the spring counterforce and separation, the main contact is disconnected, auxiliary and main machinery connected to the normally closed contact is closed, the auxiliary normally open contacts disconnect, and cut off power.

The main contact is used to control the motor and other equipment used in the main circuit, and the auxiliary contact is used for the control circuit to play a controlling role. The sequence is the first contact of the main contact and the auxiliary normally open contact.