How to realize the intelligence of molded case circuit breaker?

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2017-09-06Views : 286

It is necessary to break through the technical problems of intelligent molded case circuit breaker.

The first technical problem is the realization of perceptual functions. This is the basis of intelligence, the realization of the function of the need to obtain such as voltage and current, insulation based on modern sensor technology (PD), distance, speed, temperature sensor information, converting them into the information can be identified and treated with various signals, these signals can be accurate, reliable, sensitive information the change, in addition to its own sensor must have high quality, high reliability, should also adapt to the working environment, the circuit breaker has the advantages of small size, easy installation features.

The second technical problem is to realize the function of thinking judgment. This is the core of intelligence, and the realization of this function must rely on modern electronic technology, computer technology and communication technology. Intelligent controller input both from the perception of the information obtained from the executive function and the feedback information from the system, and control information; intelligent controller integrated the information, can automatically identify the working state of the molded case circuit breaker, automatic adjustment circuit breaker operation information, automatically record key information, automatic components and operation of molded case circuit breaker the diagnosis of intelligent judgment; the output of the intelligent controller provides a operation instruction for executive function, on the other hand, to provide information for the system working state of circuit breaker. Intelligent controller not only has intelligent thinking and judgment function, but also must have high reliability, long life and strong anti electromagnetic interference function.