Installation of Load isolation switch

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Installation of Load isolation switch:
In general, the installation of the load switch and load isolation switch installation is roughly the same, but in the adjustment, the need to note the following:
(1) The main blade and the auxiliary blade of the load isolation switch should be in the order that the auxiliary blade is closed before closing, and the main blade is closed. When the main blade is opened, the main blade is disconnected and the auxiliary blade is disconnected.
(2) After the load switch is opened, the distance between the blades should be in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. If the requirements are not reached, the position of the operating rod on the sector can be changed or the length of the rod can be adjusted.
(3) There is a small plug on the main blade of the switch, which should be inserted into the nozzle of the arc extinguishing device. Operation of the nozzle should not be violent collision, otherwise it should be handled.
(4) If a load switch with a fuse is installed, check that the rated current of the fuse is in accordance with the design before installation. The fuse tube should be inserted into the jaws during installation.