The use of control protective switch

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Control protective switch products using a modular single product structure type, integrated the traditional circuit breaker (fuse), contactors, overload (or overcurrent, phase failure) protection relays, starters, isolators and other major functions, control protective switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage to 690V, rated current from 3A to 100A, adjustable operating current from 0.12A to 100A power system connected, carrying and breaking the normal conditions (including the provisions of the overload conditions) Of the circuit, and can be connected, carrying and breaking the provisions of the abnormal conditions (such as short circuit) under the circuit. The function is as follows:
A. With long-range automatic control and local direct human control function
B. With panel indication and electromechanical signal alarm function
C. With overvoltage and undervoltage protection
D. With phase loss phase protection function
E. Time-current protection with coordinated coordination
F. With inverse time, definite time and instantaneous three protection characteristics.

According to the need to match the functional modules or accessories, you can achieve the various types of motor load, power distribution control and protection.
From its structure and function, the control protective switch series is no longer a contactor, or circuit breaker, or thermal relay and other individual products, but a set of control and protection system. Its emergence fundamentally solved the traditional use of discrete components (usually circuit breakers or fuses + contactors + overload relays) due to the choice of unreasonable control and protection caused by irrational problems, in particular, to overcome the As the use of different assessment standards between the electrical products together, the protection characteristics and control characteristics with the phenomenon of uncoordinated, control and protection switch greatly improving the control and protection system operating reliability and continuous operation performance.
control and protection switch is the best alternative to low voltage electrical appliances such as circuit breakers (such as CM1, ABB, NS, C45), contactors, thermal relays, fuses and so on. It is the control and protection switch series of upgrading products.