What are the main points for the daily maintenance of molded case circuit breakers?

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In order to make adjustable molded case circuit breaker more comfortable operation, in its maintenance, we can not ignore, if you regularly maintain, then it will be many times higher life expectancy, why not? For its work in good condition, maintenance and maintenance need to be strengthened. So, what are the main points of its maintenance?

In the maintenance, we should keep the air fresh. If it is wet air or not clean, the result is very serious. The moist gas is split into hydrogen, oxygen, and gas, which causes insulation after the fracture between the contact points and, in severe cases, causes the arc chamber to explode. Insulation will be reduced, the surface will gradually produce the discharge, so that you can not touch, in case of electric shock, the consequences can be imagined, so it is better to take care. Also, the pipeline will be blocked in the paint, the circuit will malfunction, or even stuck phenomenon. All of these are caused by unclean air and are very different. Therefore, we should always keep the air clean.

Rubber parts is one of the most important one, adjustable molded case circuit breaker should replace the rubber parts regularly, because the structure of the device is very complex, high sealing performance requirements, in order to ensure its performance with the replacement of rubber parts, it is necessary to timely.

For adjustable molded case circuit breaker maintenance in daily life, we only need to do the above points, I believe there will be no small success. Ensure that it uses ambient air fresh, timely replacement of rubber parts, for small parts of the inspection work and so on, are very important, you only need to spend a little time, the device will help reduce trouble, need to start from the little things in life maintenance device, which can not be ignored.