Application and Development Trend of fiber termination box

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The fiber termination box is a product specifically designed for fiber to the home (FTTH). Fiber termination box as a fiber-optic home access tool, and fiber-to-home national policy strong support, we can see how much fiber users on the benefits. So, how to choose a good "fiber home" information box?
Optical fiber access to the household is usually a fiber optic cable, through the welding plate after the hot-melt, through the pigtail received "ONU" (commonly known as light cat) equipment. Through the photoelectric conversion out of the signal received by the corresponding module, through the module configuration to the various potential. So in the choice of a good
Fiber termination box should consider the following:
1. Does the fiber entry box have sufficient space to place the "ONU" equipment;
2. whether the fiber cartridge has suitable locations and holes for the fusion plate required for welding;
3. Fiber access box is easy to "ONU" equipment maintenance;
4. Is the fiber box cool?
5. Does the import box take lightning precautions and whether there is a grounding screw in the box?
6. Whether the fiber access box is a national certified outlet;
7. Whether the fiber box in place, whether the use of cold-rolled plate;
8. The fiber access box is sufficient to knock the hole and must meet the different locations where the different supply pipes penetrate.