The surge protection device helps the traffic control system run smoothly in any weather

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An absolutely reliable traffic control system is essential for a busy hub. The only way to ensure safe traffic is to use a dynamic display that automatically adapts to traffic flow. Our implementation of a major problem facing the objective is to install a can in the daytime and night and all weather conditions are the perfect operation of the system properly, we in a variety of choices, the use of high-quality lightning and surge protection device.

In a very short time range, can release lightning current 50-200000 amp. Especially electronic components, usually can not withstand this huge surge voltage. To prevent downtime, a series of surge protection devices are introduced. They not only provide reliable protection, but also long-term planning security.  

Surge protection device adopts combination design of varistor and gas discharge tube. Especially the fast carousel tripping device is the key to the selection of surge protection device. The remote terminal of the plug in socket can be connected quickly and permanently monitor the state of surge protector. At the same time, the large window status display window improves visibility, and the state of the surge protector in the electric cabinet can be seen at a glance. With these features, surge protection device will help ensure repair after the completion of the project in a smooth flow of traffic.

The number of major lightning storms across the globe has increased significantly over the past few years, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicts that the number of thunderstorms will continue to increase as the global average temperature increases. The cost of a modern surge protection system is very low compared to the impact of lightning on people and buildings. At the same time, the longer the system operates, the more likely it is to suffer from surge damage, so I definitely recommend using the latest technology of surge protectors to protect the entire system.