How to install residual current circuit breakers in transparent meter box

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How to install residual current circuit breaker in plastic meter box:

1. Residual current circuit breaker
The power supply line must be connected directly to the leakage maintenance device, that is, the shell marked "power" or "line" side; outlet are connected to the bottom, that is marked "load" or "outlet" side. If the incoming line, outlet then reversed, will cause the maintenance of the operator after the destruction of the coil or affect the maintenance of the connection, breaking capacity.

2. Assembly of residual current circuit breakers
(1) residual current circuit breakers shall be fitted in a switchboard with a smaller cross section or in a plastic meter box. Assemble the watt meter after the fuse before.
(2) all the lighting lines (including the neutral line, etc.), are required to pass through the residual current circuit breaker, and the neutral line need to be insulated from the ground.
(3) should be assembled straight, the inclination should not exceed 5 °
(4) After installing the residual current circuit breakers in the plastic meter box, you can not remove the single-phase knife switch or fuse. So that the maintenance of a device when there is a clear break point; the second is in the knife or fuse plays a short circuit or overload maintenance.