Three driving force of China surge protector Market

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Surge protection device used in industry is closely related to the national policy guidance, such as the communications industry, construction industry, at the same time, steady development in the Chinese economic dimension under the condition of China surge protection device market experienced in previous years of high growth, the next few years will maintain steady growth, market growth will be in about 10%.

The Surge protection device market in China continues to be driven by:

1. Communications and construction industry is still the main driving force of the market

The global communication industry has entered a new period of great integration, great change and great transition. The next generation of communication networks, cloud computing, Internet of things, represented by a new generation of information technology, as a national strategic new industry, is becoming an important driving force for the next round of economic development.

At the same time, with the development of economic globalization, China adhere to the national economy steady progress, sustainable growth and infrastructure investment scale of fixed assets, which will bring more opportunities for the construction industry. In the long run, the construction industry will adhere to the upward trend in the long term.

2. Emerging industry pull Surge protection device product demand

At present, some emerging industries, especially some new energy fields, such as wind power industry and solar photovoltaic industry, have begun to pay attention to lightning protection, and the demand for surge protectors will be more stimulating in the future. However, because of its strong professionalism and high technical threshold, local enterprises still have a long way to go.

3. The national policy calls for new market demands

In view of the increasingly serious lightning disaster, the relevant departments continue to strengthen the whole society's awareness of lightning protection through administrative means. The general office of the State Council issued a notice to further improve the lightning protection and disaster reduction work, the local government and industry management departments have issued a notice on behalf of the system, the lightning protection as a mandatory requirement for publicizing, the prompt start of lightning protection education. Some mandatory standards and laws and regulations promulgated by some industries have also stimulated the demand for surge protectors in the market.