Prediction of the development trend of electrical equipment industry in China

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2017-07-22Views : 378

Looking forward to the future, China's low-voltage electrical equipment industry has the following trends:

1. Adjustment of product structure

According to the national policy, the structure of low voltage electrical appliances needs further adjustment in the future. Products with backward process, large size, high energy consumption and environmental pollution will be eliminated. "13th Five-Year" period, UHV, smart grid, Internet power, global energy Internet, China manufacturing 2025, will enable the rapid increase in demand for high-end market.

The rapid development of new energy industry provides opportunities for the development of extension, low-voltage electrical industry products to photovoltaic inverter, DC miniature circuit breakers, new energy control and protection system, distributed power, energy storage expansion equipment, DC miniature circuit breakers switch electrical equipment and other fields, and can provide the whole solution. This field is the new important economic growth point of the low voltage appliance industry.

2. Adjustment of industry structure

At present, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry production enterprises have more than 10000, but on average, each enterprise sales is not 30 million. The strength of strong large-scale enterprises should try to develop into a comprehensive group company for power; and the strength of good conditions better development of enterprises should improve their own main products (such as miniature circuit breakers), low-voltage electrical appliances become specialized enterprises; have certain production expertise of medium and small enterprises can become the professional manufacturer of low-voltage electrical appliances the specialized production enterprises or electric power accessories and supporting targeted varieties; and the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises should consider restructuring and asset restructuring.