The most fundamental reason for home use of fiber termination box

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The most fundamental reason for home use of fiber termination box:

1. Fiber termination box, the most basic function: optical fiber protection. Friends who have used fiber optics know that fiber is thinner than hair. It's easy to break, and it's hard for us to connect.

2. Fiber termination box is designed for fiber to the home district, which installed optical fiber optical disc is fixed, the cat Internet required (ONU) and to provide a mounting frame, light cat power strip and so on, plus a wireless router, on their own to buy cable router, phone line box, TV splitter, security alarm, gas probe, remote meter reading, video intercom and other weak signal distribution transfer function module, looking at a lot of that mess, is very complex, all arranged in a box on the optical fiber information compatible with indoor environment and overall appearance, convenient management and unified management of the fault on the exclusion.

3. You can choose to change operators.