What is surge protection device?

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Surge protection device is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment. It used to be called "lightning arrester" or "over-voltage protector". The English abbreviation is SPD.

What are surge and peak voltage?

Surge and peak voltage (pulse) refers to the increase of "conventional" voltage, usually caused by dramatic changes or an increase in power demand. Switching on high power appliances, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and washing machines can cause surges and peak voltages. Any type of interference can damage an electronic device. Beyond the actual scope of maintenance. In addition, the bad weather (lightning) and the daily shutdown and maintenance of the power company can cause destructive surges to the power lines.

Why do you need a Surge protection Device?

Even a small surge or peak voltage can eventually destroy or affect the performance of expensive electronic devices, such as computers, telephones, faxes, televisions, audio / video equipment and other household appliances and tools. Widespread use of computer chips is increasingly required for surge protection because these chips are often sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

How does a Surge protection Device work?

Surge protection Device, like power sponges, can absorb dangerous additional voltages and prevent most of this voltage from entering your sensitive device.

Anti surge sockets with telephone line protection provide the most complete protection for your electrical equipment in case of harmful surges. Surge and peak voltage can damage or reduce the performance level of your valuable electronic equipment by phone and power line. Perfect surge protection functions are available to protect computers, telephones, modems, televisions and other household electronic devices and appliances at any time. Anti surge socket, can make your electrical equipment and telephone equipment to prevent lightning, stable work, and extend the service life of electrical appliances.