Scope of application and maintenance points of plastic electrical distribution box

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Plastic meter box is a commonly used distribution box products, can be responsible for the end of the low-voltage power supply system to complete the power control, equipment, rack can be welded or assembled by the screw. The following main to introduce the scope of lighting distribution box and maintenance points, hoping to help users better application of products.

Applicable scope of Plastic meter box:
1. Floor lighting distribution box, the floor sub-regional lighting the total box (such as office buildings, residential Plastic meter box at all levels);
2. Functional area lighting plastic electrical distribution box (such as the larger area of the restaurant, business center, conference center, cafes, lobby, etc.);
3. Indoor lighting distribution box (such as residential indoor plastic electrical distribution box, hotel room distribution box, etc.);
4. Lighting measurement distribution box, the general can be combined with the floor or functional area distribution box set;
5. Public lighting distribution box, emergency lighting distribution box (according to the building needs to set);
6. Outdoor landscape lighting distribution box for building (flood lighting, landscape lighting, etc.).

Main points of plastic electrical distribution box maintenance:
1. The surface of the polishing process, the polished wax liquid on the surface of the average, and so dry after a sponge or a soft cloth to wipe, so you can achieve a very bright and smooth effect.
2. knife marks, burning marks, scratched to remove: more than 800 mesh fine sandpaper water to wear marks, and then for polishing treatment.
3. Smear removal: clean with detergent, more stubborn dirt with cleaning cloth and cleanser to wipe, such as leaving scratches using polishing wax polishing disposal console.