How to choose from the over voltage and under voltage protection devices?

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The use of over voltage and under voltage protection devices greatly reduce the risk of overvoltage or undervoltage to the circuit and the electrical load. Which is equivalent to a small intelligent switch protection device, which is mainly used in the current voltage is less than 63A circuit, it is an important residential home protection device. The use of over-voltage protection is the improvement of people's awareness of the safety of electricity, and the state has also developed the relevant norms "residential building electrical design specifications." But many consumers on the protection of the choice, do not know what needs attention, for this issue, Xiaobian give you a few comments:
1. In the choice of products, try to choose by the regular manufacturers of products, regular manufacturers of products, first of all quality assurance, and after-sales service is relatively good.
2. In the purchase, pay attention to the product circuit parameters, such as the application of the circuit rated voltage, current and other parameters to ensure that the product access to the power supply, to the normal work.
3. As far as possible to choose a protector with a delay function, the main function of the delay function is in the power overvoltage or undervoltage, with a delay function of the protector will be a certain timing, if after the clock, the voltage is still owe Or undervoltage, the implementation of the circuit, this way a good way to prevent the instantaneous overvoltage or undervoltage and interrupt the circuit, thus affecting the normal power; when the power supply voltage back to normal, the delay function, can effectively avoid Instantaneous normal voltage, and power on to affect the load.
4. Select the long life of the product, the current self-resetting over-voltage protection of the mechanical life of up to millions of times, the electromagnetic life can be up to tens of thousands of times, for users, nothing more than care about is the product practical, durable and Cheap and so on.