Working principle of residual current circuit breaker

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The residual current circuit breaker has two functions, one is the function of circuit breaker, and two is the function of residual current protection. The breaker function is the same as that of a general low voltage circuit breaker, as a switching device which is not frequently operated. The leakage protection part detects the residual current through the zero sequence transformer, namely, the leakage current of the ground is judged by the instantaneous current value of the inner phase line and the neutral line of the protective circuit in the detection circuit.

When the residual current circuit breakers's leakage current exceeds the specified value or an electric shock, it can automatically cut off the power supply in time, play a role in the protection of electrical appliances, ensure personal safety and to prevent the equipment from leakage current caused by fire accidents. The residual current circuit breaker operating mechanism, electromagnetic tripping device, contact system, interrupter and the zero sequence current transformer, a residual current tripping device and the test device and other parts, all parts are placed in an insulating shell, leakage protection function modular miniature circuit breaker, is provided in Annex structure leakage, and can be used to circuit breaker assembly.

An electromagnetic residual current tripping device type and the electronic type two, the difference between them is the former residual current can be directly through the release operation of the main switch, the residual current through the electronic amplifying circuit after amplification to release action to operate the main switch.