Smart low-voltage appliances era: change our life!

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2017-06-30Views : 442

The arrival of the era of intelligence, reduce the operation and production costs of enterprises, but also change your life. The application of intelligent technology in the manufacture of low voltage electrical apparatus makes the low-voltage electrical equipment develop towards the fourth generation of intelligence and communication. At present, domestic and foreign have not yet accurate definition for intelligent low-voltage appliances standard, but the protection function is more complete, can measure real-time current parameters, fault record production stage and display, internal fault diagnosis of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances have entered the mass production stage.

Air circuit breakers, intelligent instruments, electrical isolation switch, contactors, relays and other low-voltage appliances are very common in our lives. Intelligent low-voltage electrical equipment has brought about changes in people's production and life. People familiar with the intelligent buildings, smart grid, etc., is accompanied by the application of intelligent low-voltage electrical equipment to the new industry.

Intelligent buildings in China have only appeared in recent years, but they have already risen in the west. In a nutshell, an intelligent building is a system for building buildings with the brain and controlling the buildings with computers. Intelligent building can not be separated from low-voltage electrical equipment, communication and intelligent. It is the product such as intelligent air circuit breaker, leakage circuit breaker, electrical isolation switch, dual power switch, miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breaker, residual current protection switch market, promote the development of China's intelligent building industry. The use of smart appliances products electrical isolation switch, recently launched by the industry as the fifth generation residential model of the whole life cycle of products is the classic living system, design and application of intelligent building concept.

The intelligent building copper multi intelligent low-voltage electric power has satisfied the people's more precise energy consumption control requirements. Through the intelligent control of the power supply system and power supply equipment, the building green and energy saving are realized. As the future development trend of the construction industry, intelligent building has entered the market, affecting people's lives.